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Cesarica - place for a real vacation Cesarica


a small fishing village in the Kvarner region, near Karlobag . Situated in the deep bay at the foot of the longest Croatian mountain Velebit.Cesarica like other coastal settlements under the Velebit boasts exceptionally clear blue waters as it currently happens only on the Adriatic islands.
Mild Mediterranean climate, which is mixed with the Velebit mountain climate and creates exceptional air quality, will make you feel great in body and soul.
For those who escape from the hustle and bustle and want to return to the true nature, Cesarica is the right place for a holiday.

Beaches in Cesarica


If you want to run away from all civilization, we are able to arrange transportation by boat to the island of Pag (approx 10 min drive) where you can play Robinson all day  on one of the beautiful natural beaches.

Or driving by the motor boat you can enjoy watching the nearer waters.

Cesarica Trail

If you want to make a little change in your vacation, you have the many opportunities.Make a little trip and visit:

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